scd is simple Python package which hosted on Cheese Shop so if you are familiar with Python package installation, it would be really straightforward.

Tool works with Python>=2.7 and PyPy2.


To install scd, you need to have pip or setuptools installed. Pip is required if you want to install it from Cheese Shop and setuptools if you prefer source code installation.

To install Pip follow these guides:

To install setuptools follow official guide and please check repository of your OS: there is a great possiblity that you already have it installed.

Install from Cheese Shop

If you want to install system-wide or in virtualenv then do

pip install scd

Otherwise, please do

pip install --user scd

Also, it is possible to use following extras to add some optional features to your installation.

Name Description
yaml Enable support of YAML configuration files.
toml Enable support of TOML configuration files.
simplejson Use simplejson for JSON parsing.
colors Enable support of colors in output.

So if you want to install scd with YAML support and colors enabled, please do following:

pip install scd[yaml,colors]

Install from sources

git clone
cd scd
python install

Verify that tool is installed with scd --help.